Disabling Daily Quest "Complete 1 Stage" for completionists

Hey Everyone,

After completing Stage 300-10, the game prompts me that I can’t go any further.
Wouldn’t it make sense for those who have reached Stage 300 to stop receiving the daily quest “Complete 1 Stage?”

Take Care!

Thank you for your feedback. We’ll discuss this :slight_smile:

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Do you mean when it tells you to go back and complete a stage that you already completed? I like those because they are an easy way to get rewards

Yes, exactly. I absolutely agree with you that this is an easy reward.
Spoiler Alert: When you reach Stage 300-10 and try to challenge the 2nd Boss to advance, a message will pop up saying “You have reached the end of the game”.

So because I can’t advance any further, I’m asking for those who have reached Stage 300 to not show this daily at all as it cannot be completed. Even worse, there is a weekly for completing stages as well.

Okay, I’m lost here. So lets say the quest told you to do 2-6 normal mode. Youre saying it wont even let you play it?

Now I’m lost. This is the Focus Quest section. We are talking about the same game, right?

Ohhhhh my bad :sweat_smile: Different game, youre right

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