Differences between basic and primary slots?

Excuse me, may I ask what are the differences between a basic skill slot and a primary skill slot?

Also, is it possible to have a primary skill slot, along with only the first and the third basic skill slots? (I mean, without the second basic skill slot.)

Sorry for a newbie question. But I think I have to make sure about this, since the skill slots are unlocked from basic talent menu, which cannot be reset even by reinstalling the app.

Thank you!

OOps! I need to upgrade the talents to know theirs different. It will take a while to several day to know theirs different. I almost nearly to over there. I just need to pass the Layer 7. Did anyone have already upgraded the talents and fully unlocked the skills?


there is no difference yet. If you unlock the layers in the Basic Talents and the Class Talents Tree, you will find the other slots and skills for your class.

Basic Talents:
Layer 3 - Unlock Class Change
Layer 4 - Unlock Skill
Layer 8 - Unlocking Slot 2 | Unlocking Primary Slot
Layer 10 - Unlocking Slot 3

Class Talents:
Layer 2 - Unlock Skill
Layer 4 - Unlock Skill

Unlocking all of them with net you with 2 Basic Skills and 1 Primary Skill and 3 Basic Skill Slots.
At the time of writing this, there is no 3rd Basic Skill yet.

The skills are very helpful in increasing your damage and enable healing capabilities.

Hope this helps,


I see. At first I thought I could replace my basic attack with a skill if I put that skill in the primary slot. It’s nice to know that my guess was not true before making any mistake.

Thank you DKTrue so much for the answer, and Brandon_Wan for your kind effort as well.


I was a little bit hard to save up and level up the basics talents. It will take some time for slowly to level up.

Right Now, I almost reach there. I just play with my focus session to get those times coin. It is easily right now if I unlock all the time coin in the basics talents.