Differences between 5 star and 6 star gears

I’m a player in rank G and I have realized that player in higher rank mostly equips two sets of gear for their character to get the 3 piece set effect from both set, so I started to collect 5 star mystery set and the 5 star rebirth set. I’m just wondering if the set effect is going to get buffed thru involving equipments. If not, should I quit collecting 5 stars sets and save arena coins to buy 6 star ones?

5* maxed equipment is LV 180. If you use gems to upgrade to 6* it will still be LV 180 but it takes a LONG time to collect the gems needed to upgrade.

Personally I check arena market daily to see if 6* equipment is for sale and only spend my arena winnings for those items.

As for equipping two different sets, it’s strategy. They’re likely looking to maximize speed. Striking first with your strongest player may take out opponent before they get a chance to do any damage AT ALL.

So speed determines my character’s first round given cool down, right? I have encountered an opponent that his power is lower than mine but his mage always strikes me in the first round, is that because his speed is higher than my mage?

Probably. You can click on opponent’s picture to see the hero’s stats. Gems equipped, weapons, etc.

Don’t stress. It’s meant to be fun. If you’re in a league that is too hard, just save up your energy and don’t upgrade hero’s star level till next week.