Did not receive purchase

I just purchased a Pet Set from the store but I did not receive any of the content after the “purchase successful” confirmation screen.

I did confirm that the funds were taken from my account, and then fully closed the game for ~30min so that it would sync when I opened it again. There is also nothing in my mail except for the daily tournament award.

@marspark is there something I have missed?

Hi @Peanut, thank you for reaching out. May I please grab your game id so we can investigate?

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience!

Hi @marspark, thanks for the response. I’ve attached a screenshot of my ID below:

Hi @Peanut,

We don’t see a record of purchase in our system. Can you please confirm your order has been processed in your appstore account? If so, can you please forward us your purchase receipt so we can confirm?


Hi @marspark,

I’ve PMd you some screenshots bc there is some personal info on them.