Diamond management

In your opinion, what’s the best way to spend diamonds?
Upgrade stamina capacity?
Save for the 6K heroes?
Something I’m still missing? Started playing yesterday, so that’s very propable

…Oh, and can I somehow lock on a target for all my heroes to hit? :yum:

That’s how I used them in order while I was progressing in the game:

  • Accumulate them up to 5K to buy the Mage
  • Slots for stamina / iron / equipment bag
  • Slots for pets in Arena
    Later on:
  • Roll the pets skills
  • Roll the heroes’’ skills
  • Spend more for extra Arena battles during seasons with gold outfit prizes I wanted to win, and less during season with outfit prizes for heroes I don’t use.
    Things that maybe I should have done more often:
  • Open extra chests (I noticed you could do that only wayyyy too late :roll_eyes:)
  • Activate Epic mine

Thank you very much! I managed to save enough to get a 5* mage, get him a nice 5* mystery staff, and even upgraded my stamina so I don’t lose neither sleep nor stamina. I think I should save in case something that matches the 5* staff pops up now. I have to admit, compared to other mobile games, this one helps a lot newbies to get settled fast. I really like it.

In the long run you only use diamonds for extra arena hits (I do 25 per day) and epic glyph mining.
But you want to finish all the unlocks listed above first.