Demotivating :(

Had a normal day: 2x school runs (4 mi) & a training session (6 mi), so my step count was a relatively high. Had my second sync with the game that day & I was surprised how much energy I got. It’s really demotivating to see so low converting rate for step after 10K. I can understand that there’s some limitations what can be converted, but is it possible to find a less demotivating way?

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I agree. It would be great to have additional tiers up to 20k. This is a fitness app after all. Having more motivation like better rewards at higher levels/steps would be great.

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Keep going, it does get better. I’ve reached the current maximum for step-to-energy conversion at 10 steps=4.0 energy. I also have all the buffs available, so I earn an additional 728% for my first 10k steps of the day. This means I’m earning about 29k for my first 10k steps. Then use crystals to buy the additional 60% and I’m at over 46k energy for my first 10k steps. I do agree, the rewards need to continue beyond the 10k mark. Even worse, energy for steps stops at 30k, so if you walk more than that, good for your health, but you won’t earn any energy for it!

My average steps per day. Not quite 30k but I would definitely like to see more rewards.