Definition of "Line" vs "Row?"

I’m used to hearing “row” / “line” as “horizontal row” or “vertical column” … which is which?

Specifically, I got a choice between the knight sets for “Gods” or “Heavens.” One magic wards all heroes in the caster’s line, and one magic wards all heroes in a caster’s row…

I also could start building for the priest Devotion set but I kinda prefer more than one Holy Shield to +25% more block with Holy Shield.

Here’s how I think of it. If a hero is in the back row then they are furthest from the enemy. If they are in the front row then they are closest to the enemy. Also works in movie theaters and classrooms if the enemy is the screen or the teacher. :crazy_face:

For what it’s worth, I’m sticking with the holy set to protect two. I do have a Devotion weapon, at least temporarily. Long-term, might want to ditch the Holy Gem instead of the Holy Staff though. :thinking:

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Thanks for clearing that up. I was thinking of it as “the front line” and “the back line”… sigh…confusing.

Yeah, I think the set to protect two is definitely the way to go!

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That’s how I think of it. Doesn’t mean I’d bet my life on it though, especially after your “front line” comment (which also makes sense). Am I 99% sure? Maybe. :grimacing:


You might find this discussion about lines and rows interesting. (I felt the need to keep digging for more confirmation.)

Line or row?

If it’s the military, it’s lines and columns.
If it’s the classroom, it’s rows and lines (or rows and columns, or rows and aisles).

So, a military line is like a classroom row. And a military column is apparently like a classroom line (or a classroom column, or a classroom aisle).

Since we have rows and lines (and not lines and columns), it must be like the classroom and not the military.

Bottom line: It IS confusing! Dizzying! But, I’m now even more confident in my answer. For our purposes, the back row is the 3 hero placements furthest from the enemy. :hot_face:

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I have interpretated lines as columns and rows as simple rows.

@marspark, could you clarify if this is the case?

My simplest way to put it is: you have 2 rows and 3 lines in which you can place heroes.
2 rows - back and front
3 lines - top, middle, bottom

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