Data conflict while switching server

I’m facing the data conflict bug when switching from Server 3 to Server 1

I don’t remember my username, and while switching server, the game didn’t crash in the middle. I mean the pop-up said the game is gonna close and it properly closed. Afterwards i cleared the game from background and restarted the game. And I’m facing the issue since then.

Please help. Should i clear the app data and cache and try logging into my account?

UPDATE: got my saved progress back of server twin peak, but lost all the progress of fit land.

Though i was just level 20 there, there is a bug which I’ll like if the developers resolved.

Hi @themeanman2, sorry to hear that you are having the issue. Can you please let me know your game id so we can have a look?

Hi @marspark the game id is znpm5m . Thanks for helping out :slight_smile: