Dark rush rewards

In dark rush, rewards is calculated base on players’ best record. See Rule #6.

However, I slightly doubt about it and so run a test. See the attached screenshots.

First one:
Up to wave 12
End with 110 rounds

Second one:
Up to wave 25
End with all heroes died

Interested to know how come the wave 12 can get more rewards than wave 25 =)


The rewards for dark rush are ultra random, I always had issues with that.

Thanks for speaking out


The rewards are also always based on your personal best, regardless of how you do. Since your wave 12 came after your wave 25, you received wave 25 rewards for wave 12.

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I heard you and read the rules as well.

I agree with you, however, the result doesn’t sound like it’s consistent.

@Mari is right about how rewards are calculated. There are some randomness in the final reward.