Dark rush quit after team 1 played

As above. Didn’t even let my good team play. Quit after team 1 died.

Hi @Annwyl may I grab your game id so we can check your data? Does it work for all the dark rush events?

So tonight it stopped with my 2nd team in the middle. Fitland server. zn5jpn.

You can see in the last photo 3 players are still alive. Sorry I did not take a screenshot shot yesterday. I am not having this problem in the other server. Thanks.

There is a limit of 100 turns I believe. So if you hit that it ends. I can’t see your turns on that screenshot.

Edit: just checked there is a maximum of 110 rounds. After that it ends even if you have alive heroes left. So that might be your case.

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According to the screenshot, he’d only played 17 rounds/turns.

That’s 17 waves he cleared. I’m talking about rounds/turns, if he’s atk is low it takes him a lot of turns to clear one wave of monsters. Rounds are displayed in that middle circle.

Ah, got it- that might be it then.

@Annwyl please check @Kuhz’s answer and let me know if that’s your case.

I’m going to have to actually watch it closely. I really doubt my bad team would last that long. My thoughts were maybe I would gain a few rounds before my preferred team played. Maybe at the end you could leave that number showing in the future? Or add a statement like your event is up you reached the max rounds. Might help to avoid future questions from other players. It has also never happened with my fit tower account. Thanks. Love this game!

Update: I made it only 36 rounds with the more powerful team and 2 or 2 and 1/2 with the weaker team. It seems unlikely that my players could have lasted 100 rounds in my fitland account.

@Annwyl, thank you for the update. May I grab your game id? I’ll duplicate your data in our end. Thanks!


Never get near !00 on either account. I watched closely all week.

On the upside it has not happened again after those 2 days in a row.