Dark Rush Events timer changed?

Did DarkRush Event timers change? I made a point of doing my free rush least night along with the 240, and noticed the Free and loot were available again this morning.

They are supposed to be on a 24 hour timer correct?

They reset when the guild daily check-in ends, whatever time that happens at your location.

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Then it is a bug. I did two loots last night and it WAS available again less than 12 hours later.

No, it renews 24 hourly, so in theory if you did it literally at the last minute then you could do it only a minute apart! But then you’d have to wait a full 24 hours

I did it last night and it’s reset with the red dot again. On Android. Something is not right.

In the UK it resets about 1am. We’re these before and then after 1am?

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Right It resets at 7am in Asia I think it’s about at 8pm my time in central US…same time as the guild checkin resets and the guild mail rewards go out.