Daily Surprise Gift Disappeared - Video Issue

Haven’t received daily surprise gift since latest update.

Videos not loading without game restart. Then you can only watch 1 to 3 videos before you have to restart app again.

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Hi @Marla, we’ve removed daily surprise gift since the introduction of weekly quests.

There has been some issues with videos, we’ve contacted our video provider and hope they can fix it soon.

Please let us know in a few days if the video problem is fixed.

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Now I’m not collecting the purple ancient runes when I use the magnet to collect. Please tell me this is going to be fixed soon. Between not being able to watch videos to increase energy and silver and now losing purple runes every other collection time; this app is becoming a bummer.

Just added latest update. Received my purple runes this time. Keeping fingers crossed and hoping it’s fixed. Still no videos :cry:.

@Marla thank you for the update. Still working ad provider to see if there’s a fix for this issue.

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I can only get one add then I have to close the app each time I want another. Please fix. This is getting really frustrating. :cry:

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Update: for past two days no ads at all. :cry:

@Marla we’ve just got confirmations from our ad provider that the ads problem is now resolved. Can you please check if it’s the case?


So far so good. Thanks for fixing it. :clap::clap::smiley:

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No adds videos since a week…