Daily step increase powerup

I had an idea for a powerup that you could find occasionally (maybe through arena wins or chests) that you could use to allow you to get the amplified energy rewards for an additional maybe 2000-5000 steps. (so that you could use it and get primo step->energy conversion for walking 12000-15000 steps in a day) the power-up would be one-time use and the chance of finding them could be low enough to only get 1 every day or 2. lets say it gives you an additional 2k steps, you could save up like 5 and use them all at once on a day you go on a long hike or something, and get good conversation rate for 20k steps that day. i think it would encourage more activity lol :blush: as is, the step->energy conversion after 10k is pretty abysmal. this powerup would be useful to people perhaps on the weekends when they have time to do more than 10k steps in a day and don’t want to feel like their steps after 10k are going to waste