Cross platform play and guilds?

Hello, just getting started with this. Couple of questions. Can I create a guild with people from both iOS and Droid?
Can we then battle each other? Thanks in advance.

yes you can create a guild with people on iOS and android as long as you’re both on the same server. you can’t battle each other unless you happen to get matched against them in the arena. also to answer your other question, there unfortunately is no way to contact other players in-game.


Hmm… So what is the point of a guild if you can’t communicate with other players? What does a guild provide? Sorry if this is covered somewhere else.

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well, you can “check in” to your guild every day which earns you a variety of resources. imo you should actually do the “super check in” everyday as it’s well worth the extra rewards (especially if you subscribe to the mega-pass) also, when enough people in the guild check in for the day, you get extra rewards sent to your mailbox. i believe there’s rewards for when 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 people check in (or something like that)

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