Create a manual backup?

first of all I am a big fan of your game! Motvivates me to be more active and has a really fair system. Sadly a few days ago the game refused to startup again (closes itself after the splashscreen) and since I do not use facebook or any of the alternative backup methods I am afraid to lose all of my progress :frowning:
My question would be: Is it possible to manually back up my savegame data? I have full root access on my phone (Galaxy S5 with Android 6.0.1) but i have no idea what (if any) files the wokamon savegame are on my phone.

Thank you

Hello again,
I located the wokamondata and tried copying it to my other phone with mixed results. I managed to get my wokamon with the correct level and equipment but no topazes and most of the achievements seem bugged. Also i noticed that i would only get silver chests instead of gold.
Could you please tell me which the correct files to backup are before i can reinstall :(?