Crash on the opening screen


After installing Halloween update, I can’t open the app at all. After reaching 91% on the loading screen, game crashes. I’ve lost several days of syncing steps & play. Very annoying.



Are you using Android phone? I’m afraid you need to uninstall and reinstall the game. If you have saved the game with Kongregate/ Google Play / Game Center account, you should be able to get the progress back after you go through the new player tutorial.

If you are having trouble getting progress back, please send us your new game ID. We’ll try to find your progress and transfer it over.



I use an iPhone 6S. Will the re-installing the game work in this case?

I think I did link my game with FB & a few other services but I’m not sure if the sync had ever worked. It’d pity to lose all my progress since I’ve played from the very beginning.


Hi Rain,

Sorry for the delayed reply. What’s your iPhone device name? You can find it in iPhone settings > General > About. Please refer the attached for example. I’ll try to search for your game data using the device name and if there is a match, we can copy the data to a new account once you reinstall the game.



Thanks Mars. I hope it would be possible to find my game data & get everything back. I haven’t uninstalled my game yet. My phone’s name is PinkPanther

Actually you might still have my account details because I was in beta group (Etana).


Hi Etana,

Yes! We’ve got your ID. It seems there is some data issue with the account. We are urgently investigating the issue and will get back to you ASAP.



Hi Etana,

We’ve found the issue. It’s something to do with the data structure. We’ve now got the data ready. Could you uninstall and reinstall the game and send over the new ID?



Hi Mars,

Just had a chance to reinstall my game.
My current ID is vnDh@E@3L

Thanks for sorting everything, Mars.


You are welcome! And thank you for all the support! :blush:



I’m having the same issue using Android. I have reinstalled but it doesn’t appear to have restored the saved data from my google account. I also had my kongregate account linked but I’m afraid to relink it in case I lose my progress.

I’m not sure what my old ID was but my new one is FnvNv9ygS.


Hi Cat543,

I have found your previous data and transferred it to the new ID. Would you like to check if everything is OK now?

Connecting to your Kongregate account should be able to bring back to the last saving point. However, as this is a new account, you will need to reconnect to Kongregate and start saving the new account from now on.



Thanks it’s all looking good!