Crash following 6* arena chest

Hello, my game crashed after opening a 6 star chest, didn’t get to choose the item before the crash. When i open the game I had some knight amulet, I don’t even use a knight so definitely didn’t choose that.

Just wasted most of my tournament prize to have an item I won’t even use forced on me, especially when there was 2 pieces of mage gear in there

Just stumbled across something weird… When fiddling around with teams for the events I clicked on my character to put in, changed teams and was able to click them again. Thought nothing of it, just assumed it moved them to the other team but when I clicked go it ran both teams with my only warrior and priest…

Have not tried to recreate but assume its possible

Thank you for reaching out. Can I please have your game id so we can double check? Thanks!


Is that for both issues or just that one? Many thanks :slight_smile: