Could we get stage quests all at once?

Complete a stage. Check quests. Complete a stage. Check quests.

As it is, a new “stage completion” quest only appears when you’ve finished and collected the last one.

I wish I could just complete 5 stages and then check my quests right at the end. I don’t care if I happen to unlock more of them in the meantime…I don’t care about the slim chance for one of my newly-generated quests to be a stage I just recently unlocked. I just want to get them done as fast as possible and get back to walking and doing real life things.

Note: That’s about 8 taps for every stage quest…from a UI statistics perspective, that’s way too many.

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On the one hand, I agree that it seems like a lot of busy work to have to keep toggling back and forth just to find out which stage to do next. I wish this could be made more efficient. :thinking:

On the other hand, my memory isn’t all that great. Even if all the stage quests were presented all at once instead of one at a time, I would still probably need to keep toggling back and forth just to remember which one to do next. :thinking:

And on that mysterious 3rd hand, I’d offer a much better solution but I’m stumped. So, in this particular case, I’ll just be thankful that I’m not the game designer. :crazy_face:

Farming Tip of the Day

Since you can only play each stage a limited number of times per day, always do the stage quests before farming monsters for gear and goodies. Otherwise, you risk not being able to complete the quests! Well, maybe. I’ve never pressed my luck.

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I guess the “all stage quests at once” is something I want because I haven’t progressed through all the stages yet, and the one-time stage quests work the same way. I end up bursting through ten stages at once and realizing belatedly that I didn’t get the quests for any of them. I wish for those that they would check whether the quest has at least one star instead of whether you’ve “completed” it. Daily quests are a different matter since they can’t do that, of course.

For daily quests, the way I would like it as a UI designer myself in my day job (though I understand this may not be possible to implement easily) is something like:

  1. Open quests
  2. Tap on stage quest to go to that stage’s detail window directly
  3. Either Challenge or Loot as normal
  4. When you hit the “X” button you return to the daily quest screen and can immediately collect quest rewards
  5. Repeat steps 2-4

This also eliminates the inherent trouble with scrolling around/teleporting/changing difficulties to find all the darn things every day, because you never actually have to select quests from the map.

It could maybe be easier to implement if there was a “to daily quests” button on the stage detail window, that way you don’t have to rely so much on context. Being able to go directly to a stage from its quest would be the big thing here.

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Emphasis added.

Oh, my. I completely blocked that painful memory! Now I totally see what you mean. That was very frustrating when it happened to me. :scream:

I never made it to ten, but I definitely made it three or four at once sometimes! :scream:

Rhandar shakes tiny fists of fury in your full support! :facepunch::facepunch::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::crazy_face:

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RIGHT? I recall the devs mentioning at some point that they wanted to make the experience better for new players especially…this is an annoying thing that disappears at high-level play so I feel like it doesn’t get exposed much.

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I assume the level of annoyance is proportional to the number of stages blown through while missing the corresponding quests.

So, if I was annoyed by blowing through three or four, you must have been three times more annoyed by blowing through ten.

And for the record, I was very annoyed. :grimacing:

Right! :scream: