Could i get all my superpieces back now

Thanks for your email.
I updated my version and the problem are solved.But i lost most of my purple super pieces.
I took some photos to show it, but i do’t know how to post it on the web.I had 113 purple super pieces befor,and i tried three times to confirmed the problem.I also spend a lot of energy and diamonds in plants shop befor i realized the problem.
Could i get all my superpieces back now?My id is MCyrHsw6d.
Thanks for your help.

Same and if it levels up and I go back it goes back to normal. Think this has to do with having to manually saving the game for it to keep those pieces. Really annoying though as I have also bought pieces that have disappeared.

Hi guys,

Are you on iOS or Android? We have updated fixes to this issue in v2.4.12 (iOS) v2.4.14 (Android). To check your version, please go to game settings > About us > Credits.

Please do let me know if you are already on the latest version and problem still exists.


Hi Jameson,

I noticed you are already on v2.4.12. Could you tell me more about the piece missing issue on your side? Does the super plant piece go missing after the super plant level up? What about buying super plant chests in the plant store? I’ve sent some free rubies for your to try it out.

Do you mind if you can send me some screenshots on your issue, like the piece count before and after the level up?

Thank you!