Converting steps

I don’t know what happened because the game continues to track my steps but when I open it to convert it doesn’t show up anything to convert. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks

Hi Patricia,

Thank you for letting us know. This is a known bug and we will fix it in our next update.

yes ,I have this issue,if I click convert,the app will flash back…

I’m also having trouble with that.
When would you guesstimate the next update will be?

My game just started having the same issue this afternoon as the first post with the missing step conversion options, samsung galaxy note 4.

@Nina_Andrews @memimus @chenchong
Hi guys,

We have fixed this in our new build. The build is now pending approval. Hopefully, it will be approved and released this week.

Mine looks like that today too.

Me too. I can’t use that.

@Sarah @Peggy_Sung

We have sent fix builds to App Store and Play Store. We are now waiting for approval. Hopefully it will be released this week. Thank you for your patience and supports!

Hi guys, this issue has been fixed in the latest build (v2.1.4). Please download it from Appstore or Google Play.