Comments and suggestions for Fit Tycoon

In general I’ve really enjoyed this game, like all Shikudo games, but I think it could be a lot better with some tweaks and bug fixes.

  • Steps should be rewarded more, or more explicitly. Multipliers from steps have diminishing returns, unlike other multipliers in the game. I don’t fully understand the relationship between walking and “floating” rewards, though. It’s possible that those make walking more valuable than is evident.
  • I’ve never gotten any cash from “Working.” Seems like something is broken there.
  • The multipliers from roulette don’t work as expected.
  • It’s frustrating that the floating rewards sometimes pass by while the game is still connecting. Delaying those until they’re tappable would be an improvement.
  • At a couple of points during my game, I got unexplained massive increases in cash rate.
  • Because of those increases, I got the Burj Khalifa after only a couple of weeks of playing. It would be really nice to have the option to start over and keep playing, ideally with my spokesmen intact.

In case it’s helpful, my game ID is bvm7gq.

Thanks for all you do! I’ve gotten years of fun and fitness motivation from Shikudo games.


Hi, thank you for reaching out and taking the time to write this. Really appreciated.

Steps multiplier from walking should contribute a lot especially in the later stage of the game. I’ll confirm with our game designer again after he’s back from holiday.

We’ll look into the Working cash, roulette multiplier, massive increase bug when the team is back from holiday.

Can you also please let us know what exactly is ‘floating rewards’? A screenshot should explain everything.

Thanks for the reply!

By floating rewards, I mean the cash and diamond rewards that occasionally float/fly from left to right across the main screen: The TV with wings, the cash paper airplane, and the diamond with a balloon.


When upgrading it would be nice after the x1 x10 x100 to have a max

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It would also be nice on the milestone page to have like a record or best so you know what your previous best is

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Hi, thank you for reaching out. This is actually unlocked when you unlock the 3rd building.

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Thanks for replying I’m enjoying this game

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