Come to Twin Peaks server! Master code rgx6k

Welcome to the newest server, Twin Peaks! Add my code and get awesome gifts as you level! rgx6k

Thanks to @Jax, I already received my first set of gifts at Lv33!

I’ve been waiting for a game like this since I first got a Fitbit! I run on a daily basis so hitting that 10k is no problem. Gonna try start another guild on this server in the next week :yum:

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Shout out to Annie, Swaggy, and Tornado!

Congratulations on your leveling up, and I hope y’all enjoy your gifts at 33!!

Congratulations Annie on reaching Lv33 with some Legendary equipment!!!

Shoutout to my apprentices!! I’m glad you’re doing great and congrats on leveling up!! Enjoy your equipment and resource rewards!!

Just want to highlight the good work my apprentices have been putting in!

Congrats NewDahl and Tornado for hitting Lv33, Hilario and Angel for sweeping past Lv33, and Annie for sweeping through Lv46 and hitting Lv60 so quickly!!!

Enjoy your new gear and resources, and keep kicking butt on your walks, runs, and at the gymski. Dedicating a brewsky to y’all tonight! :sunglasses: