COME ON! (update the game!)


i can’t even…

you had a GOOD thing going; people loved the game, and some of us actually started walking EVERYWHERE, just to see our wokamon chars “grow”. i bet there are people out there who’ve become friends because of this game.

i’ve been here over a year now, and your game helped me recover from almost dying (i spent eight weeks in hospital, lost all my strength and muscle mass - i was sent home in a wheelchair), and although i’m far from fit, at least now i’m back on my feet.
and it would be SO nice to keep wokamon in my life, but all these promises (“soon”) are ringing so false, and it makes me sad…

is it a money issue?
what’s the REAL story behind all this “SOON” crap? ??

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Thank you for contacting us.

I’m truly touched by your story. What you went through and overcame is an inspiration to us all. We are really happy to know that Wokamon was there to give an extra hand on your recovery.

Yes, Wokamon update has been delayed for some time now. I totally understand your frustration. I have to admit that It’s not easy to run an indie game studio. We are a small team with only 3 developers, crafting and balancing 3 different games and projects. We too are frustrated that we don’t have enough resources on hand to bring an update faster to all our players. You might not be aware, we have been working 16+ hours every day, 6 days a week since October last year. To put it in a simpler way, yes, we are short in funds and that’s why we don’t have enough resources to recruit more people onboard.

Currently we are focusing on bringing out a new fitness game at the end of February but this doesn’t mean we are forgetting about Wokamon and Wokamon players. Bringing updated contents is definitely on our agenda and we will do our best to bring new updates before end of February.

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