Cloud data is over 5 months old

I switched to a new phone, and my most recent save data I was able to get was from back in March. That was from the cloud data. Are you able to help me out to get a more recent save loaded? My current user ID is v3kYWuhQB.

Hi Nick,

Are you at level 122 at the moment? I’ve still got your previous ID and I can transfer the progress over to the new ID, however I’m afraid you will need to re-add friends as the player ID is changed.

If you still have your old phone with you, you can try the following to transfer the data and the friend list over:

  1. Please save the game using a Kongregate account on the old phone
  2. On your new phone, please connect to Kongregate to fetch the game progress
  3. If you see any Data Conflict popup window, please make sure you go with CLOUD

Please let me know if you don’t have the old phone and need a manual transfer.

Thank you!

That worked, thanks!

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