Close button 'x' is not appearing for some ads

The close button ‘x’ does not appear for some ads, and hence there is no way to exit that ad other than to close the app altogether, and also lose the progress in that process.

Please help.

If there is a timer countdown from 15 seconds after finished the videos ads. You must wait for the timer to countdown finish to see the close button. That, the countdown timer disappeared when the countdown was finished.

I have the same problem and this is absolutely not the answer :cry:
After the new update i cant close the ads. There is no icon for closing therefore i cant use the app and there is no way to continue but just restart the app. Ive been using this app for month and this is new problem

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The countdown timer shows up on the left corner up. If you do not see it, it might be left corner down. Only two places that will show up the timer. That countdown timer will take you to close the button. Sometimes, you might see this >> on the right corner up of your phone, tap the arrow that will take you to the end of the ads page that contains the close button. Every time, you need to follow the right corner up of your phone to exit. The videos ads were finished, you might reach the demo page. If the timer were countdown finish, check to see if there is indicate >>, this arrow will take you to the close button. If not have this indicate >>, you must be on the last page. That the close button will exit when the timer countdown was finished.
Example 1: If you clicked the :film_projector: :arrow_right: :arrow_forward: :arrow_right: :zero: :zero: : :one: :five: :arrow_right: :zero: :zero: : :zero: :zero: :arrow_right: :fast_forward: :arrow_right: :x:
Example 2: If you clicked the :film_projector: :arrow_right: :arrow_forward: :arrow_right: :zero: :zero: : :one: :five: :arrow_right: :zero: :zero: : :zero: :zero: :arrow_right: :x:
Fast Forward indicate that arrow on the screen.
If you see the :fast_forward: on the screen, that might not be the end of that may be 3 of 4 page of the ads. You landed down on the demo video ads after watching videos. If you press this :fast_forward: button that mean the close button contain on the next side of the ads. Only just show you the app and the get buttons where you exit the ads. That one is the last page of the ads. You also saw the close button when you return to the game.

Hi, thank you for the feedback. The explanation @Brandon_Wan gives is helpful in most of the cases, but there are faulty ads from time to time. Can you please share a screenshot of the video ad and we’ll forward it to our ad provider.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Thanks for your response but obvoiusly i know all of the above and none of them is shown in the ads as you can see in my screen shots that i took after about one minute watching the ad😅

Actually, I did not saw the timer and force restart the application due to the close button did not come out and lose my final refreshing video progress. That is one more faulty ad. It jumps from time to time. I saw one faulty ad only. I will continue to mention it when I saw others.

@Brandon_Wan @Nastaran_zandy Thank you for the update. I’ve forwarded the screenshots to our ad provider. Please let us know if you are still seeing these ads after 3~4 hours.