Clear Data & Not Lose Game?

Hello all:
I play PP on my Android phone, and the game is connected to Google Play. If I went into my phone’s application manager and hit “clear data”, would I still have my game from it being connected to Google Play? Does it back up my progress?

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Yes, mostly, in my experience!

First, though, make SURE that your game is actively backed up on Google Play – mine will occasionally log out, although logging it back in is hardly difficult.

Second, record your user ID – [I]just[/I] in case.

Then, once you clear your data and restart the game, it will start you at World 1 – and hopefully, before too long, Google Play will kick in and say “hey wait a second, did you want to use this version or the version saved in the cloud that’s further along?”

Pick the cloud version, and it should reload your data, up to date.

I’ve done this a few times, first from the 91% bug and later from getting a new phone, and it’s definitely worked for me more often than not – but again, like I said, [I]just in case [/I], record your user ID first – because then, if it doesn’t work, you can come here and get your progress transferred to your new user ID, because so long as you have the old one it appears to be fairly straightforward, at least from the player end.

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Where do I find my user ID?

Hi there,

The game ID is found on the game settings page. Please refer the attached for details.

Thanks so much! :blush: I noticed that it takes up a lot of space.