Class Armor Sets Informational Guide

This is an informational guide on the class armor sets that I will keep updating, as I fill in more information.
It was created by @Meterian who gave us some great information.
All I did was add a little bit of info. along with the formatting/editing of the information.
As always, it has also been added to @Blainemuffin’s Heroes Guide

Updated 6/13/2019


As a side note, I see that you have been evolving your Celestial Set.

That seems like a much better long-term plan than evolving the Holy Set as I intended to do. You’ll be able to get better bonuses that way. Smart! :+1:

The good news is that I have not evolved any of my Holy Set yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

The bad news is that I no longer have any of my Celestial Set and will need to acquire them yet again someday if I also want to maximize my priest. :scream:

Yeah, I decided on 3 set celestial and 3 set of whatever 6 star priest set I can get. Devotion preferably. My warlock, because she is rocking the front row will run 2 pieces of chaos and hell set along with a 2 non set dodge rings. If I decide to make my warlock a critical strike build, since the class is perfectly set up for it. I would go 3 pieces of hell and chaos and hope my 2 priests and knight can keep her alive long enough to get past any last stand warriors.


Scary setup and one I have not seen up close and personal.

From a purely self-serving standpoint, feel free to stay in the lower leagues as long as you want. I mean, there’s really no need to advance quickly and fight me with your front row Warlock, dodge rings, and legendary pet advantage. Right? :grimacing:

Seriously, my only defense long-term may be quoting H.P. Lovecraft and fears of the unknown. Horrible defense, I admit. :crazy_face:

Of course, I’m also concerned about what the new classes might do to my mages. They’re called hunters, right? Not mage killers? Maybe I’ve just got an active imagination when it comes to pointy things possibly being fired into my back row filled with soft fleshy targets. :crazy_face: