Christmas event

Just saw the amount of steps(42K) I need have to participate in the event & I have a feeling that it was amount at the end of Halloween event. Or have you set the bar deliberately so high?

I also have whatever I ended Halloween event with as a requirement to open the chest. Is that intended?

I have the same problem (the event is less fun now) but also santasaur is already available to buy even though the event isn’t over… is that why I’ve yet to get santasaur even with a 90% chance? I already splurged on the tree, please don’t make me have to pay to complete the festive set!

Same here but I “bought” the new skin the first time I had enough chests so all a bit pointless really

I got my santasaur on the first chest with 96% chance, and bought the tree. We need new worlds ASAP! :slight_smile:


Totally agree! New worlds please ! I’m never going to catch up with your score unless you stop playing for a few week :joy:

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Haha :sweat_smile: your too close behind for me to take days off from pocket plants! It’s a full time job for me now lol

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