Chest opening reloads the game

When I open a chest to earn topazes or gems, the adds restart the game and nothing is earned. Please fix, thanks! My user is Rita Ln

Hi @kalea554

Could you tell us your phone model and system version?

Also, I suggest you to SAVE GAME in the Wokamon settings and then reinstall Wokamon to see if it will fix the Problem.


Hi David,

Thanks for responding so quickly!

At first glance seems I have more trouble after reinstalling the game. It doesn’t seem to sync with Google fit. And the problem has remained, the game reloads.

My phone model is Samsung SM-A500FU and Android 6.0.1

Thanks a lot! Have a nice day :slight_smile:


We have updated a new version fixed crash bug, you can update via Google Play Store.

Pls update it and see if it still crash.

Thanks for your support.


Hi, thanks for such quick reaction. I have been using the game and uninstalled many times and reinstalled to have the last version, but sadly I still can’t get to the adds videos to get rewards from chests. The have reloads, by tapping watch the video I get the screen Noodum and brings me back to the beginning. I hope there will be a fix. Thanks for the good work! :slight_smile:

Hi @kalea554

Have you ever log in facebook in your Wokamon account? You can log in the same account to get your previous data.

We will continue to investigate the ads crash problem.


Hi, thanks so much for looking into this. An update from me. Sadly nothing has helped so far, all adds reload the game and takes me back to Noodum page.

However, what is different is that now I can see the adds playing after pressing “watch add”. Then, it takes me back to the Noodum welcome screen and I don’t get anything anyway - no gems, no topaz.

Before I didn’t see the adds play and no gems/topaz. So now I have given up on watching any add, because I feel I only lose time without getting anything.

I have updated the game as you told me, and logged out and then logged in many times, hoping it will solve the problem, but unfortunately it hasn’t helped.

Before the ‘Halloween’ update it was working great though.

Thanks and have a nice day!


We have updated a new version try to fix this problem, you can update it via Google Play Store.

Thanks fot supporting us.


I think it’s fixed now, I haven’t had any problem for the last days! Well done David and the team!!! :smile: Very happy to play Wokamon! :sunny: