Check-In Deadline Bug

This has been mentioned before but I think it’s worth repeating.

I live on the west coast of the USA.

It says that the reward resets at 05:00 each day. That is just not true. it resets at 5pm each day and should say so.

05:00 is military time. That’s 5am.

Why is it so important that this be right? Well, imagine you are a new player who joins a guild. You live on the west coast and have a typical sleep schedule.

You read this description and think you can check-in anytime you want during the day and it won’t matter. But it does matter!

On Monday, you check-in in the morning. Everything is fine. You beat the 5pm deadline for your Monday check-in.

On Tuesday, you check-in in the evening. You just missed your Tuesday check-in though because it’s after 5pm.

On Wednesday, you try to check-in in the morning. You can’t. You already checked-in Tuesday night. Now you’re confused. But hey, at least you tried. You’re still beat Wednesday’s 5pm check-in deadline though, so you’re okay today.

On Thursday, you try to check-in in the evening, but it’s after the 5pm deadline. You just missed your second check-in deadline. You’ve been kicked from the guild for missing two check-ins in four days, so you can’t check-in today. You don’t understand. In your world, you only missed one check-in, and only because the game wouldn’t let you check-in when you tried. You’ve done nothing wrong.

Out of frustration, you quit the game. You aren’t happy. The guild leader who kicked you isn’t happy. The developers aren’t happy that you quit. It’s a lose-lose-lose situation. Everybody loses! :scream:

That’s why it matters. This really needs to be fixed.

And once again, I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the way check-ins work in this game. I think, as others do, that if you check-in at any point each day that you should get all the daily group check-in rewards. Those who check-in last (the procrastinators) should not get all the rewards while those who check-in first get absolutely nothing. This does not affect me directly because I have never missed claiming the rewards, but it is definitely very unfair to many who are in a guild, check-in regularly, and get no benefit from it.

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Thank you for reporting the issue. We’ll update the timing display in the next update if possible. We’ve also decided to make changes to the daily check in but that’ll happen after the next update.

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Looking forward to the changes! Thank you! :+1::slightly_smiling_face: