Characters - The Green Warlock

How do I get the Green Haired Warlock? I see this awesome green haired character as part of the Guard teams in Arena but doesn’t pop up for me to acquire anywhere else. Are they seasonal? Also if anyone has a chart of all the characters I’d love to see.

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I would also love to know where the green haired wizard came from.


This one! How can we get him? @marsparkimage


It’s a stage battle reward, you should be able to grab it when completing the normal difficulty. Which stage are you up to?

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Hey @marspark! :slight_smile: I just finished 10-10 in nightmare mode. However, I was an earlier adopter from years ago and re-animated my account due to Covid this year. Wondering if that’s why I never saw him!

Thanks for the update. We’ll look into it.

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i have in here already,but i still can’t get him