Characters not dodging, blocking, getting crits

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature I don’t understand, but I’ve never seen any of my characters engage in any damage modifying behavior on offense or defense (eg blocking, getting a critical hit), despite their stats showing they have some percent chance of doing so.

Any guidance on this would be appreciated.

ID: ngn69n

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I can attest to this as well.

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Skills, cannot crit, be blocked or dodge so you wont see that happen with those attacks.

The level the enemy is will also modify your chance. A higher level heroes will have a higher dodge chance when facing a lower level foe and the opposite is also true.

It does happen, and some players will modify some of their heroes to have a large dodge chance as part of a strategy.

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I get that. I am saying that I have never once seen any characters engage in any of those actions. (Not even when doing low Adventure levels… or honestly in the Arena at all, from me OR my opponents)

hmmm… I don’t know then, for myself, I have seen my opponents and myself do all of those actions before.

The only thing I could think of then is leaving your player id for @marspark to look into it.

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Gotcha. So is you tagging them right now enough, or should I DM them, or…?

Tagging should work, He is usually good with getting with people. However, might have to wait until weekend over.

Hey @marspark, Im having a bug issue and wasn’t sure if you’d gotten to see my post about it (as I didn’t originally tag you).

The OP is linked below. Thank you in advanced for your help!

We’ve checked your data and everything looks fine by us.

To clarify, the chance in your attributes only applies to enemy with the same level, i.e. if your char is lv 30, and enemy is above lv 30, then your crit chance, dodge chance will be lower than what you see in the attribute screen.

During the adventure mode, the enemies’ level are always above you so you will see a much lower chance to trigger crits, dodge and etc.