Changing Passive Skill: Is it suppose to change everyone?

I’m not sure if this is suppose to happen or if it is a bug but when I decided to change my knights magic attack since he isn’t using it, it seems to have changed a passive skill in all the characters. :scream::flushed:.

There isn’t any warning to say this will happen so I’m not sure if it’s suppose to but it’s now mucked up my game play as it has removed my magic attack from my mage amongst others. It mainly doubled up random skills to the next level.

If I had known this I would not have touched it. But then maybe it’s a bug. Is this suppose to happen? Can it be reversed?
It seems odd that changing one should change all though… pics is just some examples. :anguished:

What I wanted to happen

What I didn’t want to happen
(In the team)

(Not in active team)

I’ve changed quite a few passive skills and it has only changed the one skill I was trying to change on the one hero I was trying to change.

You’ve supplied a lot of pictures but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to see that looks like a bug. In order to see a problem, I’d need to also see the passive skills of the other heroes before you changed the knight’s passive skill. :thinking:

As @Rhandar has mentioned, replacing passive skill should only effect the current character. Please let me know otherwise.