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Hi! i’ve got two Facebook accounts - OLD which i do not use any more and im going to delate it and NEW one that is already working. I’ve conected my wokamon with old Facebook :sob: Would you please help me in changing Facebook account in Game? So im gonna be able to login with my new Facebook?
i love my monsters and i dont want to play wokamon from the begining only because i have to change Facebook account
Please help!

Hi Panda90,

Can I please have your old and new Facebook display names? We don’t usually do data transfers unless there are issues with the original account, but we will give it a try there for you.


My old Facebook is Panda Żą and new one is Joanna Pandiña Hanke

Hi Panda90,

We are having trouble finding your old account using the above details. Did you change your old FB name?

Could you try to login Wokamon using your old FB credentials, then go to game settings page, take a screenshot of the name displayed on the page and send it over?


No, I’m still using my old facebook account. We got different alphabet letters in Poland - maybe thats why you cant found my account.

Hi Panda90,

I found your data. Can I please get you do the following:

  1. Go to game settings and log out of your old FB account, please remember to save game to clould.
  2. Delete the game from your phone and reinstall it again
  3. Login with your new FB account (you might need to disconnect iPhone’s auto FB signing in feature in your phone setting, and log out of your FB app).
  4. Go to game settings again and manually save the game.

Please let me know when you have done these. We’ll take the transferring process from there.


I’ve already done that :slight_smile: but changing Fb login was hard, thank you for the advice

Hi Marspark! Do you know anything about my game? I dont want to sound rude and impatient, but i miss the ability to play on my phone and collect topazes for playing in a row :blush:

@Panda90 sorry to keep you waiting. I’ve transferred your data. Please reinstall Wokamon and connect with your new Facebook account. Please let me know if there’s any problems! Thanks!

everything is working! Everything is on place!
I’m sooo happy coz I’ve missed my monsters so much! :blush:
Thank you for your time and decision to help me!
I’ve just seen messages… :heart_eyes:

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