Can't sync/causing game crash

Wherever I try to sync my steps the sync arrows just spin and then the game crashes and shuts down. It’s been doing this since this morning and hasn’t righted itself yet

Hi Nicole

What’s your sync option?


I use the health app on my iPhone

I’m having the same issue, ever since last night. Everything else works fine, but everything freezes when I try to sink except the spinning arrow & if I wait about 20-30 seconds, it crashes and closes the game.

That’s when mine started too. That’s exactly the problem in having


It’s probably because Winter time that cause Health to have a bug.

I suggest you to SAVE GAME in the Wokamon settings and then reinstall Wokamon to see if it will fix the Problem.


Thank you, that worked! The only date I lost was my steps for yesterday and I’m now able to sync without crashing the game

My game was crashing when I tried to sync with health data. I just tried the suggestion to save in settings and then reinstall the game and I lost everything!! I had collected and leveled up all of the Wokamon’s and was working on the last one, the cat. and now it is showing me a new game how do I retrieve my old game?!

If you logged in with Facebook you should be able to retrieve it. Otherwise I’m not sure you can get your game back :frowning:

Thanks logging into facebook worked and I only lost one day worth of walking. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi @Cheryl-B

Before you try the above method, did you log in Wokamon with facebook first?