Can't find option "Keep screen on"?


is there an option to keep the screen on while I’m focussing? I can’t find it.

That are no options to keep the screen on in Focus Quest. If you want to keep the screen on, set the screen timeout to a longer time. That screen timeout can be found in the phone settings. You can also change the phone settings during the focus session. The focus plants and focus quest allows the system default app and the whitelisted app during the focus session.

In the settings, I can only set it to 30 minutes. So during a focus session, the screen always goes out…
Lots of apps offer the option to keep the screen on. So it would be nice to add this option in an update.

What kind of phone do you use?

Please wait a while. I will take some time to figures it up. It might appear. I think I do not turn on everything.

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Realme 7. It only goes to 30 minutes.

You need to tap 7 times on the build version so that you can enable the developer options. Sometimes you might not see the developer options enabled. The build version was found in About Info > Software Info on the phone settings. Stay Awake mode might be in the developer mode if you enable the developer mode. Sometime when you install the apk file from your computer to your phone by using APKPure Install. You also need to enable the developer mode for that to work. That one might used USB Debugging in the developer mode.

Check the menu “Home Screen, Lock screen & Always-On Display”. If you scroll down, there should be a toggle for Always-On Display.

I found this info here.

@Brandon_Wan I cannot imagine that an Always-on function for a display needs developer options.

My phone is Android. So what happens to my stay awake mode is under the development mode. Different manufacther type of phone have different way to enable the stay awake mode or sometime that features rename to another names.

The link refers to Realme 7 5G. Sadly that’s much newer than the normal 7 version. I don’t have a “Always-On Display” Option in the menu.

I activated the developer settings and there is only the always-on option while charing. But I only charge a few minutes, I don’t want to keep it connected for many hours.

I hope someday Focus Quest can support this option. Just as for example Forest has such an option and it works perfectly.

Sorry but in my opinion Focus Quest should handle wake screen feature