Can't exit event fight

Basically, it still thinks one person is still alive. (see bottom bar in the photo. When you try to exit, you get a pop up but you cannot pick exit.

Only choice is to force close the app.

Thank you for letting us know. I got your game id, we’ll look into it. Are you running issues like this later?

Yes. I presume it is the app relays a lot on cloud computing. If the internet is under pressure, say from a lot of people on it (say when everyone is in lockdown), the data exchange is too slow for the app.
You might want to pool data more on the device before transferring to the server. If each action is transmitted individually, you get this problem when the internet goes up and down.

It could be on the team as well. Example, I unlocked level 25 and unlock the ability to put in the 2nd team but didnt, when my first team die the game just kinda stuck there.

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