Cannot equip my third skill

Hello. I am an android user trying to keep myself productive with the help of Focus Quest.

I finally acquired both the third skill slot and knight’s third skill, “Healing”. But I cannot equip the skill on my third skill slot, not even when I removed all the other skills from my slots.

I guess it might be a bug, and decided to post in this ‘Bug’ category.

Could anyone please examine or inform me how to solve the problem?

Thank you very much.

@HVGEEK Can you please unlock the primary slot? The healing skill might be in the primary slot if you unlock that one. There is not third basics skill yet, it will be on further update or major feature update.

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I didn’t notice the skill was categorized as primary until you pointed out, and it could be equipped right after the primary slot was bought.

Thank you so much, Brandon!

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