Cannot connect to facebook

My boyfriend recently downloaded the game to his new phone and his progress is lost even though his Google Play is connected. He doesn’t remember his old ID and when he tries to connect to Facebook, it opens and then closes without any prompts.

Hi sleepinglioness,

Could you send his current game ID so that we can look that up on our system? We should be able to dig up some useful information locating the previous progress. Thank you!

His current pocket plants ID is v3keQFTg and his google play ID is Silverszx. He was on the fourth world with like six plants or something (visiting him shows 73 plants total).

Hi sleepinglioness,

It seems the ID is incorrect for some reason, could you send us a screenshot of this ID? Really sorry for the inconvenience caused!

Ah, oops. I missed a letter, my apologies.


Hi sleepinglioness,

We found the progress in the database and have made the transfer to the new ID. Please let me know if he can access it on the new phone. Thank you!

Hi, yes it works now. Thank you so so much for your help and all your hard work!

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