Cannot buy Pet Sets

I bought three pet sets. After my second pet set, the shop said I had bought 4 of 5. I bought my third, and I was all out. I would like to be able to buy 5 total if possible.
Any way to get this fixed so I can buy the last two?

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Hi Mari, can I please have a look at your pet fragment screen?

Yep. Hopefully this is enough info. My Twinkie pet is right at the number of fragments from having three buys, I think. I don’t know if the counter incremented extra after the first buy or the second buy.

In case you need it, my id is zvn34k

That should be enough. We’ll have a look. Also you can set the display pet by clicking the ‘tick’ on the top right just in case you missed it :slight_smile:

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Yep, Frost is my favorite so far so that’s my display pet :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to check back in on this one @marspark. I know it is probably low priority with all the other issues, but wondering if you know what happened or how to fix it?

@Mari apologizes to the late reply as the team is having a national holiday break. We are still investigating what’s going on with your account, but I’ve reset the counter so you can purchase again. Please let me know if there’s any issues.

How do you select pets? I don’t see an option to add them to my team. I can buy them but not use them.

The selection screen is @ where you select heroes for battle, arena, dark rush mode.

Still don’t see it. Is it something I need to unlock?

Have you maybe only bought fragments of pets so far ? The pets appear when you’ve have enough fragments dor one to be “born”

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Ah! That makes sense. I’ll keep at it and wait until I get enough pieces.

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Thanks for the screen shots. From what I heard from another user I need more “pieces” to complete the pets before that option appears for me.


You’re welcome, yes screen shots are usually easier to explain things than words.

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@marspark Sorry it has been a while since I got back to you on this (my forum login is not on my phone).
My counter was reset to 3, but when I made another purchase, it jumped 2 again to 5. (So I am at a total of 4 purchases now, but my counter is maxed out again.)

I sent a log right away, the last log sent from my character.
Let me know what other info you would like on this bug.

I’ve reset it to 4 so you can purchase one last time. I’ve patched the server last thursday so you shouldn’t have this kind issue in future purchases.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you again. All done!
But as a note, my counter still jumped from 4/5 to 6/5 with my last purchase.
Let me know if you need me to send more logs or anything. I’m all set, but really seems weird that it still wanted to do 2s. (None of my other purchases ever did this.)

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