Can’t watch ADs

Since the update I have been having issues watching adds. As of today I can’t watch adds anymore.


It’s an on and off again problem. What kind of ads, the ones for 20% step? If you mash the watch ad button it often suddenly starts working. A silly fix but it works for me and others haha

I typically do the gems when they pop up. I will dry to add more to steps.

I’m having this issue too since the update. It’s for all ads. I click it when it says it’s ready and either the image on screen goes away like it tried to start or I get the ads are not ready yet message. I deleted and re-downloaded the app but same issue.

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Exact same behavior I have witnessed.

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@Lvmickey we have seen the strange behavior too. @Lvmickey, @Shimurs, @Ridley which area / country do you guys live in?

Also true here. Location - U.S.

When is the next update?

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Update is live now but we were not able to fix the ads. We are still communicating with our ad provider…

I live in the US. I will agree the update hasn’t fixed the issue.

Was there ever a solution? Today I have not been able to do ads no matter how many times I click.

@TallHarryPotter This is a new issue due to the game being removed from google play.

I’ve had the same problems with ads since yesterday morning. Still an issue today. I live in the Midwest of America.

I’ve had this problem on iPhone since I downloaded the game 2 weeks ago. I understand there have been issues on Android and it’s been taken care of, but what about Apple?