Can’t some plants into storage

I can put some of the same type of plant into storage but some can’t. Can someone tell me why please?

Could you send me your game ID so that we can further investigate? Which plants are you having trouble with?

My game ID is MCt44B7Zd

I unlocked 4 pages so far. The problem occurred in the first 3 pages. Can be any plant. Even of the same type, some plants can put into storage, some plants can’t. Also there were cases where a plant could sometimes be placed into storage, sometimes not


Also I found that my Super Plants do not generate energy after I put them into storage and re-plant them. Kindly assist. Thanks

I can put the plants into the storage now. I can put them in whne I point the bottom of the plant to the storage icon.

Also, for the Super plants, they started generating energies again after I recycled them, then re plant them


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