Can not buy pet set


As title, the count increased by 3 instead of by 1. Thus, my count is already 6/5 when I only bought 2 sets so far.


this game dev seriously don’t care


You may be more likely to get a reply if you tag a Dev (e.g. @marspark).


@marspark Can you please take a look at this?


Hi @fate, sorry for the late reply, not sure why it slipped out of my radar.

I’ve reset the pet purchase times back to 2. This is a known issue and you are likely hit the limit after you purchase 1 more time. Please let me know so I can reset it again for you when you decide to purchase.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you very much for supporting the game!


Hi @marspark,

thanks for the response. I hit the limit again. Can you please reset it? Thanks a lot


No problem, it’s done. Sorry for the trouble.