Can not back up data

I encountered the game frozen issue.
I can only retrieve data saved a few days ago (3/10) and can not backup current data.
Please help me solve this problem, thank you.

Hi Demore,

Sorry to know you are having issues with the game. Do you still have your old game ID?

This is my ID: YnUwutEUp
And here are some details about how things happened:
When I encounter game frozen issue, I usually clear data on device and restart the game. This usually works and I can access my data as well.
But today I followed the same steps, it asked me to choose a Google Play account. The first time it didn’t showed up choose data options so I redid the steps again. This time the options showed up, but both cloud and local version are newbie data.
Then I reinstalled app, started it and chose an account. The options showed newbie(cloud) and my data saved on 3/10(local). It seems that cloud data was overwritten with newbie one so I choose the local one.
Now I try to save my current data, but it do not updates and is still 3/10 version. :slightly_frowning_face: