Buying lottery items

I have spent thousands of topazes on the lottery trying to get accessories and all I get is food. Am I just wasting my topazes or will any accessories actually come out??? I’ve been trying for weeks!!

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Hi @Leechyc,

The Android lottery functionality should function correctly. Can you please let me know how many times have you tried and how many new accessories you got?


I find it hopeless and am still waiting for the update from last year and again promised 2 months ago.

I spent 1600 topaz the other day and got 1 accessory. I also am on android.

@grahamdeperlo my sincere apologizes to the delayed delivery. We are still working on the update and we’ll release it as soon as we can. The lottery rate sounds about right. It is pretty rare to get a new accessory in both the old and new system.

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I’m a new player & I was wondering the exact same thing about the lottery items!! The character I’m using has several accessories that apparently can only be obtained by lottery purchase with 36 topaz gems & like the others, all I get for the hard work earning more topaz gems is 3 fruits, which has become very frustrating. Why are my starter characters items allowed to be purchased with the gems but the other isn’t? Doesn’t seem fair

I’ve purchased the lottery item at least 20 times over the week or so I’ve been playing & as yet have only received one of 3 different types of the fruit, & other than the red Apple that causes the gem shower & the fruit that produces the topaz gems, it doesn’t seem like the other fruit do anything in particular