Bugs I've encountered so far

Hello! I’m playing on 10 inches tablet, android 5.0.1. These are some bugs I’ve found so far:

  1. When I’m visiting a friend for some reason I can still open 4 top menus from my game (options, videos etc). For example if I tap “remove friend” button too low, it instead opens my step conversion menu.

  2. The area which opens amethyst tree is too big, i.e when you try to open quest menu, if you tap too high it opens amethyst tree menu instead.

  3. When you open flasks in the lab, it often shows +1 to the powerup’s actual level (e.g showing “level 6” instead of “level 5”).

  4. I can’t see super plant’s info after planting it, it just opens the information for its common counterpart.

  5. Olaf’s orders take 2 plants instead of one if that’s possible.

  6. I don’t know if that’s on purpose but after level 20 I don’t get any rubies or amethysts when I level up.

  7. There are mistakes here and there in plants’ descriptions starting from the world N3. E.g Lavoral: “colleage” instead of “college”, Sinaple: “distance cousin” instead of “distant”, Kelplots: “advanture” instead of “adventure”, Aurange: description cuts off after “and”, Kapoky: “take care everyone” instead of “takes care of everyone” etc.

And for the last one I have a request: can you please make it possible to remove friends right from the menu without having to visit them?

Thank you!

Hi pepperowl,

Thank you so much for your feedback.

Here are the answers and plans to your feedback:

We are aware of #2 & #4 issue and they will be fixed in the next update. And we will fix the grammar issues in the same update.

Thank you for the suggestions and picking the issues up! I will take these back to the team and sort out our priorities.

This is actually by design. The early rubies and amethysts were given to help new players better navigate and get around in the game system, ie, convert steps / complete ordinary and friend orders / plant super plants to get rare resources.

Thank you for your reply!