Bug with silver chests


I’m experiencing a funny bug. With a very first wocamon I’ve leveled up Umbrella to level 36 (+360% to crystals drop from silver chests). With a current progress I’m getting 6.38cc of crystals from every chest. Every few opened chests I’m getting an offer to watch short video and get less crystals - 2.77cc. If I’ll chose No answer, there will be no drop. And if I’ll pick Yes answer, will receive exactly 2.77cc of crystals. It seems unfair, as this feature should increase drop rate for about 3 times, and its actually dropping such drop. With topazes it is working fine (getting 1 without watching ad and 3 after watching).

Running latest available game version on iOS.

Hi Daghoth

Thanks for contacting us.

We will definitly check the game numerical value and will inform you when we come out a conclusion

Hi Daghoth,

After we check our numerical system. The Umbrella’s additional function is not applicable to the ads chests.

Thanks for contacting us.