Bug still Active

The bug seems to still be active. I have an extra 7 star wand in my bag this morning.

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I can confirm that equipment is still weird. Three things I saw today:

  1. Earlier today I bought either amulet of titan or ring of titan, I forget which one but it is a piece that improves hp. Later when I went to equip and improve it, a new piece was not found in my bag. But my honor coins are still used up.

  2. I evolved a hell staff to 7 star and improved it by 10 to 250. Later I noticed that there was an extra lv 240 7 star in my bag.

  3. To fix glitch 2 I did the operation of unequipping the item and restarting the game that had worked for prior duplicates after the last update. However, my improved 250 is the copy that disappeared! (I have currently equipped the 240 while waiting for feedback.)

Player id twin peak w8y6ye

In just one post, you’ve managed to temporarily scare me away from spending more honor coins :scream:, to only complete daily equipment challenges by improving low level junk :scream:, and MOST importantly, make me reconsider changing my name to something with “lottery” in it. :flushed:

When all else fails, gallows humor? :crazy_face::grimacing:

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Thank you for letting us know. We’ll investigate.

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