Bug in market, now negative arena badges

Tries to purchase the chest and now currently in negative.arena badges.

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Exact same thing has happened to me and now I have 3 justice rings for a Knight that I won’t use and am over 1000 negative

Same thing happened to me, I have -2000

@Jojjee @Rns410 @Brendan_Bickford Hi guys,

Sorry for any inconveniece caused. Can you please leave your game id in the post: V4.0 honor badge negative issue? We’ll start to send compensations.

Thank you for your patience!

I have the same glitch. Now

I cant even see the top line.

Hi , I saw your id in another post, please collect honor points in your game mail and also update the game to v4.0.1

I have deleted and download the game again, but its still glitched.

@Yukichibi, can you please check the version number in settings -> about us -> credits?

4.0 checked again, but play store has no update.

Also after downloading again I have lost gems

Actually the whole things screwed. Ok so I delete and downloaded again. It gave me the update, but it has rolled back in the game play. I am at a previous stage. Not happy at all, I have lost progress, pets, gems, levels in 3 different characters, glyphs, ect

Let’s take this to the private message.