"buffing" steps?

Great fan of the game. The art style is adorable. I have a question/suggestion however - I expected steps to have more of an impact in-game, since that’s sort of the special gimmick. But I find that apart from some once a day bonuses (that somehow get worse the higher on the steps you get??), there’s not a lot to them.
The actual gameplay is very …conventional for a mobile game (grind, wait, repeat). Are there any plans to give steps a more direct impact? It doesn’t feel very rewarding, the step meter might as well be replaced with an offline/afk counter.
What I imagined the mechanics to be was something like the more steps, the more stamina you get to actually play. Like this it’s like 15 minutes of fun in the evening and nothing the rest of the day, since you’re always out of stamina.
am I just missing something?


Hi @Syltagurk, thank you for trying out the game and your valuable feedback.

In the current version, the hero’s level + skill (powered by steps) contribute over 50% of the entire team power. We don’t have immediate plans to make step count more powerful, we may utilize step count in more areas when we introduce new gameplay modes though.

When we started the concept, our main target audience is the ones who have difficulties to stick with their basic fitness goals. We felt that making the game a running contest (i.e every gaming elements are powered by step count) will be too difficult for them and therefore our game direction is to add more rewards for the 1st 10000 steps and 10000-step streak.

Of course, we will continue monitoring the audience composition and adjust the gaming experience accordingly. This process takes a lot of time since we cannot learn from others. And we thank you for your patience and your interests in our game/app!


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